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I am interested in science communication because I believe science should be for everyone. My own publications can be found here...

I am passionate about open access. I aim to push all my scientific as well as other work to GitHub. Please be patient - I'm a git newbie.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you have. I am always open for discussions and looking for new projects.


I’m a marine biologist from Norway, and I recently finished a PhD degree in the field of kelp forest ecology. I’m particularly interested in the effects of environmental changes on the sugar kelp, Saccharina latissima:
Check out my thesis!


As one of the brains behind I do spend a lot of time thinking and writing about stuff that happens in salt water. We are establishing an independent platform for communicating marine biology (in Norway):
Check out our project!

Here's a snapshot of me:

More Personal:

On my personal blog you'll find PhD-hickups, tips & tricks (LaTeX, Ubuntu) and the occational reflections (mostly from vacations) :-)

I used to tweet and stuff, but then I didn't for quite a while. Now that I am emerging from my PhD-bubble, I plan on getting out there again...

Pixelized comments on clouds, oceans, buildings, mountains, love, hate and the life of animals and others. That's right, you just gotta love it...