A rough start to falling in love

January 8, 2012

Well, I choose to look at it this way. We are improving… Dead tired, uncaffeinated, scruffy and smelly we managed to get to the gate just in time for the final call… gahh.

Now, we are settled in a nice contemporary hotel close to the heart of the ancient city Rome.

After a good two hour sleep we had pizza and beer at a pizzeria in the neighborhood. Pictures from Fellinis La Dolce Vita hanging on maroon brick walls and tables covered by those red and white cloths we all know from the movies may be cheap tricks to set the mood… I don’t know and I don’t care – It works and I just love it
Finally, we felt fit to explore the first chunks of the eternal city. We took a night stroll towards the Piazza del Popolo, headed down the Via del Babuino to Piazza di Spagna, before stopping by the mausoleum of emperor Augustus and heading home to the Twentyone Hotel at via Cola di Rienzo. I’m pretty sure I could do the same stroll every single of the ten remaining days we’re going to spend here and still get excited.

~ Guri

At the pizzeria I was smitten, but now I find myself irretrievably falling in love.

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