Guri & Hoptimist Leaving Copenhagen

July 1, 2010

Currently on-board a ship heading for Oslo leaving Copenhagen and Roskilde for a while.

I do feel kind of sad leaving Roskilde this time. Everything hasn’t exactly turned out as planned, but we got some quite interesting results I think. I’ll feed some of these into the Roskilde Science page in due time. Right now I’m just enjoying sailing home spending time with my new friend Hoptimist. Morten got him for me as a farewell present. I suspect he knows that I’m going to need some cheering up while processing all our data and trying to get together something resembling a PhD-thesis ;) Morten has been tremendous!!! What a supervisor!!! :)

Hoptimist leaving Copenhagen

Guri & Hoptimist engaging in meaningful bar conversation whilst enjoying the sun set.