Notes from the lab at #RUC

April 26, 2010

These are the two chambers we use. The oxygen electrodes are the rods you see coming out on the right side of the chambers… The temperature in the surrounding water is kept stable by a heater with a thermostat (the grey box), and a cooler (not visible). We regulate light intensities by shadowing with decreasing layers of black nets (above the chambers) until full light.

These past days have been really hectic. We’ve had our share of problems. Yesterday, one of the thermostats supposed to govern one of the 10 C batches started whining – really high pitched tone. I turned both the cooler and the thermostat off and went home, being as the culture room itself holds about 10 C. I spent the night in agony, really wondering why the fuck I bother doing this. On top of that frustration the lighting in the culture room was off today, and we discovered even more problems…

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