Update on PhD blowout – still feel like I’m getting robbed

March 7, 2012

The present post is a follow-up on this post dated February 17th. In short, the department of Biology at my University drained and closed my PhD project account without noticing me or the project leader.

I contacted the economics office and the head of the department, asking what the f*** is going on with our project account…

The head of the department kindly told me that this was normal for projects exceeding their “deadline”, and that I could rest assured that my status as “PhD student” would not be evoked in another couple of years… Yeah, well…

The economics office, on the other hand, answered by spewing out a lot of terms and figures. At the very end, finally telling me that we could have applied for keeping the account (and the means left) for another year… Now, I’m pretty sure the department has an obligation to inform all parties of this fact. To my knowledge, we have received no such notice.

I’ve replied to the office with cc to my supervisor (who maybe should have known this!!?) and the head of the department, asking them if notice is not required by law before project accounts are drained and closed. I sent the first e-mail February 24th, the second was sent last Thursday, and the third today. I have still not received an answer.

Law is really not my territory, but the lack of response makes me feel like I’m asking the right questions. If I do not receive an answer within a week I WILL take this to the union and ask for legal advice.

What do you think I should do?