PhD thesis, uiophd documentclass and home computer. Done.

Thursday, June 6th, 2013
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Using the uiophd documentclass in a latex file on your home computer:

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Adjusting large figures using LaTeX

Friday, May 3rd, 2013
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Typesetting my thesis I came across this problem:
I had a large figure (containing many panes) I wanted to print on one page with a caption underneath.

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So, it’s finally time to start typesetting my PhD thesis. I decided to go with LaTeX. Main reason: avoid format fuck-ups. The University of Oslo has their own PhD document class. The guidelines can be found here:

Now, my supervisors are not really familiar with LaTeX, which makes it hard to collaborate on these documents. However, writing documents in LibreOffice Writer and then converting them to tex-files which can be linked together and compiled into one “thesis document” proved quite easy. I just installed Writer2LaTeX. Here is how I got it to work with LibreOffice (in Ubuntu):

  1. Download Writer2LaTeX extension from this place
  2. Install the downloaded extension in LibreOffice (Tools -> Extension Manager -> Add)
  3. I got an error message and it looked like it had something to do with Java, so I ran this line (in terminal) to install some missing packages
    sudo apt-get install
  4. Finally I enabled the Writer2LaTeX extension and now I’m all set.
    (BTW – If the extension doesn’t appear in the manager at this step, try installing it once again)


If you’re an Ubuntu user like me – check out Gummi. Real neat for editing LaTeX.


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