On the benefits of pre-doc stress, and how I prevent “post-doc traumas”…

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014
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One happy graduate! A friend gave me the red cap for a Cousteau...esque appeal...

One happy graduate! A friend gave me the red cap for a Cousteau…esque appeal…

It’s the day you’ve been preparing for, dreading, looking forward to, tossed-and-turned and lost sleep over for the past few weeks and maybe longer. It’s time to defend your PhD-dissertation…
Is the pre-dissertation stress really useful? And what happens when it’s all over? Does it feel like it’s been worth all the agony?  Read more

Appendix for PLoS – get LaTeX supplementary figure annotations right!

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013
Commands, PhD
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My last post was about how to compare two latex-files and create a PDF with changes tracked using latexdiff. I needed to do this in order to resubmit a paper to PLoS ONE that had been accepted with some revisions. In short – the editor wanted to see if I had done the job.

In this post I’ll show how I adjusted the figure annotations on supplementary figures using LaTeX.
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PhD thesis coping mechanisms

Thursday, July 19th, 2012
Marine biology, PhD, Science

Compiling all my work into a thesis? After spending so much time doing research, getting an overview, reading the relevant literature and punching away on papers (over and over until every co-author, referee and editor is near satisfied) – You think it would be easy, right?… Far from it, man. You are going to need coping mechanisms.

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Quiet PhD rumbling – still getting nowhere

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012
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Quick update on my progress with the project funds and the department of Biology at UiO. I’m basically stuck. Although, my case has been poorly handled by the department, the legal advisor from the union doubted that legal action would get me anywhere. Overhead cost can be a high maintenance bitch that leaves you with – nothing. (Yes, I’m a girl too.)

My advise to other PhD-students: Take control of project funds, bitch about it if your supervisor either forgets to or won’t let you in on your projects economy – and be sure to spend it all while you still can.

I’m going to have a talk with somebody on the department board about how PhD students are treated in cases like mine. Still angry, but too busy to let it consume much of my energy right now.

Update on PhD blowout – still feel like I’m getting robbed

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012
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The present post is a follow-up on this post dated February 17th. In short, the department of Biology at my University drained and closed my PhD project account without noticing me or the project leader.

I contacted the economics office and the head of the department, asking what the f*** is going on with our project account…

The head of the department kindly told me that this was normal for projects exceeding their “deadline”, and that I could rest assured that my status as “PhD student” would not be evoked in another couple of years… Yeah, well…

The economics office, on the other hand, answered by spewing out a lot of terms and figures. At the very end, finally telling me that we could have applied for keeping the account (and the means left) for another year… Now, I’m pretty sure the department has an obligation to inform all parties of this fact. To my knowledge, we have received no such notice.

I’ve replied to the office with cc to my supervisor (who maybe should have known this!!?) and the head of the department, asking them if notice is not required by law before project accounts are drained and closed. I sent the first e-mail February 24th, the second was sent last Thursday, and the third today. I have still not received an answer.

Law is really not my territory, but the lack of response makes me feel like I’m asking the right questions. If I do not receive an answer within a week I WILL take this to the union and ask for legal advice.

What do you think I should do?

On getting robbed by my department – PhD blowout

Friday, February 17th, 2012
PhD, UiO
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Yesterday I heard from a colleague that all the money on my PhD project account (ca. 10 000 USD) had been withdrawn. I sent an e-mail to my supervisor and was told that “Yeah, it’s true. That’s the way things are now. “Old” projects are drained to pay for overhead.” Overhead?!! I do not use any of the F***** University facilities and I am not employed there anymore! Can anyone explain how this is right, because I sure as hell do not understand it!? 

(Read about overhead costs here)

Ok, I’ll write through this in a hurry and leave moderations for later. I am just so very very angry right now, and the few reactions I’ve gotten from other PhD students leaves me to believe that I’m not alone in this mess. 

What’s happened: 

A while back I applied for a personal grant from a fund that supports young scientists studying Arctic marine botany. I spent some time doing research and developing a solid plan for both field and laboratory work. My application was approved and I was granted 60.000 NOK (close to 10 500 USD). YAY!!

I was out of the country when I received the message, and my supervisor handled the communication with our department at the University. My supervisor and the head of the economics office discussed whether the grant should be placed at my personal account or at our project account at the University. They arrived at the conclusion that the personal account was best avoided, largely because of personal taxes. Fuelling the account at the University and spending some on salary would mean that a certain amount had do be paid to the Biology department (30% I think?) as “overhead”, but it would still leave more money than if I had to pay taxes. And, it would be easier to use the money on the facilities at the University… So far so good.

Now, we had a hard time with field and mesocosm studies going out of wack (- which sometimes, well, it just happens…), and trying to do most of the labour myself got really hard. I asked my supervisor if we could spend some of our project money to hire some students to help out with the routine work but was told that “we would be better off saving it”.

Shortly after I got sick – go figure, and was on leave for three months. In addition to that, the problems on our project grew, leading to a serious delay. In short, I was scheduled to finish my PhD about a year ago, but I’m still pounding a way…

Had we spent the money on labour OR had I put the fund money into my personal account one year ago there would have been nothing left to drain… I can’t help but feel like PhD students are getting screwed by their own departments. From my point of view it looks pretty damn ugly.

I’m currently employed at a national research institute, where I am luckily able to continue my work at least some of the time. Not everybody has got that opportunity!

As I said – I wrote this in a rant and will probably do a couple of follow-ups as I learn more of what this mess is really all about.

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